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The Best Cars and Trucks from Kaneta Group.
Used Trucks
Box Van Body Truck Refrigierated Body Truck Tractor Trailer
Standard Truck Cab Chassis Crane Boom Truck Tow Recovery Truck
Dump Truck Mixer Tank Truck Bucket Special Truck
Used Cars
Small Compact Hatchback Coupe SUV Wagon
Van Minivan Hybrid Sedan Luxury
Small Truck & Van Commercial Van Import Car

We have a great selection of the best Japanese used cars and trucks, as well as heavy equipment, auto parts, and construction machinery parts.
We can export all kinds of cars and trucks from Japan to almost any country.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide our clients and business partners with the best quality cars and trucks, at the best prices.
Please check around our large inventory at, receive an estimate sheet, and purchase exactly the vehicle you are looking for.
Thank you for visiting our website.

Auto and Truck Scrap Parts by the Container
We have thousands of vehicle and truck parts available for purchase.
If you wish to purchase a large quantity of parts, for example, by the container, then please send your order list by fax or e-mail.
We will confirm the availability of your order, and will then contact you with an up-to-date inventory list and unit prices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Our contact details are below.

Kaneta Group
Address : 1-6-1-8 Suehiro Higashi, Asahikawa
Hokkaido 071-8121, Japan
T E L : +81-166-51-9922
F A X : +81-166-76-9934
E-mail :
Sales Director :Hiroaki Shoji

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